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This declaration shall provide detailed information about the collection, usage and processing of private data by the responsible entity

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German Engineering Consultancy
Abu Dhabi (UAE)

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by the means of this website.

The legal basis for the data privacy operation can be found in EU Data protection regulation 2016/679 (EU-DPR).

Data Privacy officer is
Mathias Gaertner
Heinheimer Straße 38
D-64289 Darmstadt
Tel: +49-6151-97 12 640
E-Mail: Mathias. Gaertner‎@‎

Access-data and server log files

The company (respectively the web hoster) will accumulate data about every access onto the website (or pages therein) in form of server log files. This data include:

  • name of the accessed web page
  • name of the accessed file (if any)
  • date and time of the access
  • amount of data transferred
  • status reports about the access (success, fail or other)
  • type and version of browser used
  • operating system and Version of the client used
  • referred URL (address of previously accessed webpage)
  • IP address and the provider used for the access

This data will solely be used for statistics. It will not be passed onto third parties. The statistics will be used to ensure proper operation, security and optimization of the website. Die Firma will retain the right to analyze the data at a later date if there is a reason for the belief of incorrect, malicious or illegal usage of the website. Under normal circumstances these logfiles will be deleted after 90 days. The data is accumulated according to Article 6, I lit f EU-DPR.

Revocation, change or renewal of private data

As a user you do have the right to receive information about the data that is stored about you (Article 15 I EU-DPR) . This request is without cost (if you request not more than once a year). Also you have the right to have incorrect information changed (Article 16 EU-DPR), deleted
(or detained from further use), as long as no legal requirements exist otherwise (Article 17 I EU-DPR and Article 18).
If you think that the data privacy rules as shown here violate your rights you may contact the relevant data protection commissioner. For Germany that is “Der hessische Datenschutzbeauftrage des Landes” in Wiesbaden.