ProfessorPfeiferandPartner provides clients with planning and engineering services for projects of all sizes and complexity. 
Our original area of competence, structural engineering, we have long since broadened and today we offer our clients outstanding solutions in all planning disciplines.

In doing so we often act as general project manager and lead consultant being responsible for a smooth project execution.

We offer our clients excellent services by combining our creativity and technical skills with a high standard of management, discipline, reputation, integrity and teamwork. We have been known for our reliable and innovative design and engineering services for over 25 years.

We are quick to respond to new challenges such as tight schedules, revised data and project objectives. We are on site to verify that the contractor’s work conforms to the plans and specifications making all necessary adjustments to get the solution right.

Our most valuable resource of our integrate approach are our own dedicated teams of designers, engineers and administrative professionals, some of whom have been with us for many years as well as working within our reliable and proven network.

ProfessorPfeiferandPartner supports professional development through internal exchange of information such as in-house briefings and regular sharing of technical knowledge. 

We are of the opinion that excellency can only be achieved in a spirit of appreciation and thriving team spirit.

ProfessorPfeiferandPartner provides comprehensive planning services not only for new buildings but also for existing buildings ranging from building inspection and analysis to retro-fitting and repair. Our engineers have extended the life of countless structures, improved their construction and devised numerous ways in which they can be preserved.