Projects (selection)

“We take value engineering extremely seriously and strive to embed it in every project. Value engineering cuts construction costs and time while guaranteeing the use of top-quality materials and methods.”

Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank
Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Guardian Tower 2, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Guardian Tower 2
Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Guardian Tower 2, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Bubble Works Laundry
Abu Dhabi (UAE)

ADT Polymer Packing / Bagging Line, Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

ADT Polymer Packing/Bagging Line
Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Emaar Square, Istanbul (Turkey)

Casa del Mar, Mallorca (Spain)

Casa del Mar
Mallorca (Spain)

 Al Sifah Marina, Muskat (Oman)

Al Sifah Marina
Muscat (Oman)

 Al Qudra Commercial Building, Danet-Area, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Al Qudra Commercial Building
Danet-Area, Abu Dhabi (UAE)